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This principle, let it be understood, is not specifically Lacanian.

It is also the principle of Bachelard, for example, for whom the object and the scientific instrument are an incarnated theory – that is his expression. It is pertinent to notice that all knowledge is fundamentally illusory and mythical, in so far as what it does is to comment on the “sexual proportion,” a term with which David Mauri has very appropriately translated the French expression used by Lacan. You can take as an example Aristotle’s complementarity between form and matter.

or flirtatious message, which I improvised, as a paradigm, in order to transmit some truths which are fundamental and yet unrecognized about language; in particular, about the function of language in sexual separation, the fading of the reference, the equivocation of language (I am going to dedicate this third lecture to the question of science, and more precisely to respond, as far as I am able, to Professor Cardenas, to whose invitation I owe my presence here (I have already thanked him, and I now thank him again), and whose reaction, after my last exposition, was to say that, in the way in which I presented it, the Lacanian theory appeared to conclude in the impossibility of knowledge. After all, the impossibility of knowledge does not scare me, since knowledge is not science.

The difference between knowledge and science appears to me to be fundamental in Lacan’s epistemology.

Now then, the simplification of the formulation provided by Lacan states that the sole reference is the signification of the phallus.

And there is a discourse for this malediction, which could well be called a benediction.

Freud, awkwardly perhaps, but in a very significant manner, introduced the paradoxical term of death instinct, and he discovered, through the angle of hysteria, that the other sex is the Other sex, written with the big 0 of exteriority.

There is a paper by Lacan in this respect which he delivered in Germany in the 1950s, entitled or signification.I believe it would not be an abusive generalization to state that all the “primitive forms” of knowledge are erotic.In the last analysis, they even get mixed up with the sexual techniques’.This is, furthermore, demonstrated by that structure which is fundamental to psychoanalysis and which introduced Freud to his practice, that is to say, hysteria.It is certainly one of the most surprising theses of Lacan’s epistemology – which I may not have enough time to develop here – that the structure of scientific discourse is not without relation with the structure of the discourse of hysteria.

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In this respect, Lacan’s proposition that there is no sexual rapport (or ratio) may be considered as a sort of secret condition for the emergence of the discourse of science.

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