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On the other hand, Gill wants to assert her dominance as she climbs the heights of her professional career.She wants her professional and society standing to be reflected in an understanding on her husband’s part that she is the senior partner in their physical relationship.There she was, all prim and proper, a long but tight skirt and kitten heels, white blouse tied with a silk scarf.The therapist nodded and looked at John as she spoke: “How do you feel about that, John?

At last she felt that she had found the words to express her opinion of the two of them and clicked the button on the recorder.“John is using the withdrawal of sex as a means of asserting some sort of ascendancy since Gill is normally so sexually active.

Since John paid for Gill’s education and night school he feels as though she is trying to take over the marriage.

Gill wants him to understand that she is superior to him in all respects and needs him to acknowledge this fact.”She walked to the window with the small recorder in her hand.

I want to show you that total male obedience leads to such fulfilment that Brandon will just love to submit.”Gill sat in the plush leather chair and stretched out her legs comfortably.

The small bronze sign on the desk, ‘Ms Maxine Stansforde Psy. Qualifications were always a comfort, it was how she saw the world, her own qualifications made her the superior woman that she longed to be!

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I shall work with Gill to overcome this resistance to her dominance and show her how to move John to the place that she wants him to be.

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