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For a start, unless they are the rarest of polymath, it is hard to credit that one person can adequately teach all subjects. In an effort to do precisely that, many home schoolers become obsessive.

One parent airily told me that it's only a matter of 'keeping one chapter ahead' in the textbooks, but you still have to be able to understand that chapter yourself. Prodigies are turned out, famously Ruth Lawrence and Sufiah Yusof:both were taught by their fathers and accepted by Oxford at the age of 12, but each had to escape her family before she could get herself a life.

It was with relief, then, that the council placed John with the family and Mary provided his education, too. If only this once, Ed Balls is quite right to propose regular, rigorous checks on everyone who educates children out of school, in exactly the same way that we check on those who educate within them. Not only do we not know how many children are tutored at home - estimates vary from 20,000 to 80,000 - but the adults involved have a tendency to be proselytising zealots.

A quick flick through websites over the past few days finds them howling with outrage at Balls's plan.

Mary and Daniel (not their real names either) had never sent their own daughters to school. Eventually, more disturbed than ever, John left for London and soon ended up in jail where, as far as I know, he still is.

In diesem Beitrag gibt es Hinweise aus der kommunalen Verwaltung …

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I recently debated this issue with another home-schooling father on Radio 2.

He had given up his job in journalism to teach his daughter.

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